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Author C.B. Noy

Author of small town, romantic suspense

Step into small town life, where dangers are hiding around every corner

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Lover of anything romance💜

C.B.Noy was born and raised in Northern Maryland and decided it was a great place to raise a family. She and her husband live ten minutes from the house she grew up in with the two youngest of their five kids. Rounding out the family are their two dogs and two cats. For nine years, she was a nurse in the ICU and then transitioned to home health nursing five years ago. She is an avid reader of romance and had an idea for a book one weekend. With the help of some seriously awesome and amazing friends, and the support of her family, her dream became a reality.

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Coming Home

Mountain Grove Book 1


What happened to my perfect life? Ok perfect wasn’t  the right word, but I was happy…ish. When my world imploded, I decide to go back to the place my parents had once called home. Mountain Grove, Maryland. I needed to feel some kind of a connection to them, to find the missing pieces of my shattered existence. So I packed up my meager possessions and left Miami in the dust. Everything was going according to plan until one accident and one pair of incredible green eyes managed to calm the raging storm that surrounded me. I was in so much trouble.


Being the Chief of Police in Mountain Grove had its ups and downs. I had a great family, a job I loved, and a town full of people to safeguard. But I was coasting through life, searching for something I didn’t know existed. Until that night. The moment I saw those beautiful blues, my world shifted on its axis. She was mine. Loving her was the easiest thing I’d ever done, and keeping her safe was a challenge I didn’t hesitate to accept. 

Home: Coming Home~Mountain Grove Book 1

Finding Home

Mountain Grove Book 2


From the time I could remember, my life consisted of ballet—all day everyday. Practice, recitals, more practice. There was no room for anything less than perfection, which if my mother could be believed, I would never achieve. I was so desperate to find someone to love me that I latched on to the first man who ever showed any interest. Unfortunately, I ignored all the signs until I was nine months pregnant and on the run after witnessing him commit an unspeakable crime. 

With the help of a friend, I escaped to the sleepy little town of Mountain Grove, Maryland. I kept my secrets hidden behind an impenetrable wall, until a tank of a man with amazing gray eyes, came to town and began to disassemble my lies—and my wall—brick by brick. The ghosts of my past are coming for me and with the body count rising, I have to lay it all at his feet in order to keep myself and my son safe.


The Army was my life, until a near fatal injury blew apart any chance I had of following in my fathers footsteps. It was either ride a desk for the rest of my career or get out and build new dreams. So with the help of my three brothers, we started Quattro Security. 

When I answered a call for help from an old friend, I never imagined that I’d find my forever in a pair of violet eyes and a body built for sin. But my girl was hiding from something—something dark and dangerous, and it was up to me to keep her safe from the hounds nipping at her heals. She was born to be mine, and I needed to bust through the barrier she erected around herself before it was too late. 

Home: Finding Home~Mountain Grove Book 2

Already Home

Mountain Grove Book 3


He’s my brother’s friend, and I’ve been infatuated with him since the moment I saw him. But that doesn’t matter anymore. I was a happy-go-lucky, twenty-two-year-old paramedic with my whole life ahead of me. Then, in the blink of an eye, I am in a hospital bed facing months of physical therapy. My life was upended by a crazy woman with a gun, but she left me with more than a bullet wound. I am broken. Shattered. I refuse to drag my family and friends into my darkness, so I do the only thing I can. Push them away.


For years, I’ve wanted her.  But her brother stopped me from claiming what I’ve always wanted. When I saw her lying on that floor—unconscious and bleeding—all bets are off. My sole focus becomes her. But something happened that day, and she refuses to ask for help. After months of waiting…I am done. You better sharpen your claws, Kitten, because I’m not stopping until you’re mine.

Home: Already Home~Mountain Grove Book 3


Quattro Security

Limits. They defined my existence. I once believed I had them all figured out. As a master of deciphering codes and unraveling secrets, boundaries were my lifeline.

At Quattro Security, a venture shared with my brothers, we safeguarded lives with unyielding dedication. Little did I expect that our move to a peaceful small mountain town in Maryland would lead me to discover the missing piece of my soul.

Everything changed when River stormed into my life, blurring every line I’d skillfully crafted. Destiny was a fickle witch, and suddenly I found myself entangled in a powerful web of emotions I never knew existed.

She was a vibrant spark of life which lit a fire deep in my soul. So when she was threatened, there wasn’t a force on Earth that could keep me from shielding her from the haunting and dangerous shadows of her past. I would stop at nothing to keep her by my side and safe forever. 

Brace yourself for a thrilling journey filled with unyielding loyalty, unbreakable bonds, a deep family connection, and a love that is limitless.

Home: Limitless~Quattro Security

Relentless~ Quattro Security 

Strap yourself in for a roller coaster of emotions with this epic, fake-dating, friends to lovers, small town romantic suspense.

Emory doesn’t think what we have is real…that I’m merely pretending to be her boyfriend to help her out of a delicate situation. What she doesn’t know is she’s been in my crosshairs since the day I staked my claim in the frozen food aisle of our small-town grocery store.

However, I’ve got secrets. Huge ones, the national security kind that threaten to destroy us before we can begin. There’s one option: make her fall in love with me before the walls of deception crumble around us.

Hold on to your hats.

Our ride could get bumpy.

Home: Relentless~ Quattro Security


One night was all it took to seal our fate. Too bad it took another six weeks of battling my demons and denying the attraction between us to see exactly what she was. 

My future. 

I tried to keep my distance, however, living in a small town didn’t help my plight. She was everywhere, throwing sass in my direction like it was her job. It pissed me off, yet turned me on at the same time. 

Then she uttered two words which altered the course of our lives forever. “I’m pregnant.”

Our happily ever after would have to wait though, because Quin was hiding something. When her secrets and lies began to unravel, putting her in the line of fire, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

Home: Fearless~ Quattro Security
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